Covid-19 / Coronavirus

We hope everyone reading this is in good health.


We have been busy adapting our campsite to the regulations so that everyone can spend a safe but still a fun time with us. In this post, we explain the protocols that everyone must follow and the measures that we have taken.


Of course it’s important to know that the virus is still among us and that the French government can intervene when necessary.


What are the protocols?


  • On arrival you will be asked to show the 'Pass sanitaire'.
    Information and requirements for the Pass sanitaire can be found here

  • Follow the instructions on the signs and of our staff.
  • Keep to the "social distancing" rules.
  • In France, a minimum distance of 1 meter is kept from each other.
  • In France and therefore also at our campsite it is mandatory
    to always wear a face mask when you are in a public building.
  • Wear mouth masks if distance of 1 meter is not possible.
  • Obey the rules and also consider your fellow campers,
  • Don’t do things that you would not accept from others. 



  • All our sanitary buildings have their own booths with different facilities, once they are occupied, we ask who wants to use the sanitary to wait in the boxes marked for this, so it will never get too busy in the buildings,
    walking routes are also indicated where possible so that everyone walks in the same direction.
  • The (washing) sinks are not in separate cubicles, but with 2 together.
    One of these has been taped off so that it cannot be used.
  • Every Sanitary building has a bottle with disinfectant and wipes, so that everyone can disinfect before and after using the facilities. (doorknobs, faucets, WC knob and seat are very important).
  • Hand soap is also available with every washbasin.
    Using soap to wash your hands thoroughly is still a better option than hand gel.
  • A disinfectant is placed at the entrance. Use it when entering and exiting.
  • We will clean and disinfect the sanitary facilities several times a day.
  • Leave everything clean for your fellow campers



The pool is allowed to open:

  • If we keep the standard rule of 1 person per 4m2, and we keep it safe, then 18 people can be in the pool at the same time. We think it is still not enough restriction and will adjust this number to 12 people.
  • As well-known campers know, local people from the area will also use our pool, we will limit this so that the campers have priority over the use of the pool.
  • Disinfection is available in 2 places in the pool to disinfect the hands.
  • Also here is a disinfection spray, use this to disinfect the chairs.


The Mobile homes: 

  • As always, it is cleaned thoroughly
  • Now also with extra attention to disinfection and airing.
  • Mattress protectors, pillows and their protectors and bed linen are washed and dried
    at the highest possible temperatures after each visit.
  • Unfortunately we do not have tents available for rental this season.


Bread service and restaurant:

  • Freshly baked bread, croissants, etc. can still be ordered and picked up at the reception every morning.
  • You can enjoy drinks, ice cream or coffee with us on the terrace.
  • You must wear a face mask when entering the restaurant and when moving around, this is mandatory!
  • Disinfection at the entrance is also available here, please use this.
  • Our terrace is big enough to set up tables spaciously.



  • If measures change, this will be adjusted in this post
  • Do you not feel well during your vacation? corona related symptoms? Please notify us immediately so that we can take the necessary measures and contact the local doctor if necessary. We want to protect everyone in these times.
  • Despite all this, we and our family team will ensure that you can spend a safe and unforgettable beautiful holiday with us.